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Standard measurements in Saint-Denis

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The standard measures at the entry of the abbey church, drawn by Philippe Buache circa 1740. © BNF / Cabinet des Estampes.
For all transactions, merchants were required to use units of capacity, length and weight specific to Saint-Denis. The abbey held the standard measures; theCochet Cochet (or little cock)
The nickname given to the standard measure, also known as the "griffon's claw", which the sergeants of the abbey used to check the units of measure of the taverns of Saint-Denis.
or "griffon's claw", the unit measure for wine sold in the town's taverns was kept in the treasury, and at the entrance to the basilica there was a table with five recipients for measuring quantities of grain, salt and woad, as well as a unit of measurement set in the wall. The large and small weights were kept in the covered markets.

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